EggOMatic Casino Slot Game Review

NetEnt is a high-quality gaming company that sometimes creates games that are a little…well, let’s just say unique. That doesn’t mean they’re not fun, but they sure do show off a great imagination! Take EggOMatic as an example. This five-reel, three-row and 20-line slot machine (available at Mr. Green and BGO Casino) has a rather bizarre theme and presentation centered around robotic chickens and the production of eggs. WHAT?! I remember the day this game came out as it was the exact same day as website oanda was renewed.

EggOMatic Casino Slot Theme
Yes that’s right: robotic chickens and an egg factory. In this game, the production of eggs in the factory is way down and you are taxed with getting it back up to speed. To deal with the problem, a machine called the EggOMatic is invented. It is designed to get the eggs into the right order and serves as your slot machine experience. Wow! Talk about strange…thank goodness it sure is a lot of fun.

What makes this game fun is that it totally embraces the goofy atmosphere created by the theme. It goes all out to make you feel like you’re in a robotic egg factory and are working on an assembly line to ensure that eggs get sorted properly. You’ll see strange robotic chickens bucking away, hear the grinding of the factory, and watch cute little chicks get hatched.

The music is appropriately goofy, but not to the point where you’re going to get sick of playing it. It simply has a light touch of silliness that actually enhances the catchiness of the themes and makes the soundtrack very memorable.

Betting Options and Other Functions
NetEnt’s approach to betting never changes much, which is good because it lets players move from one game to the next without getting confused. They can change the quality of their bet, increase the number of lines on which they can bet, set up autoplay, and more. With 10 different betting levels, it’s easy to create a fun and diverse experience with this game.

EggOMatic Casino Game Features
Matching up various robotic chickens and eggs will let you win big bucks (pun totally intended). Try to match at least three along a single line, through you can match four and even five. There is also a wild looking Wild rooster that you can use to complete lines that need a little help. This guy can be used in more than one line, making him a powerful icon to roll.

Match up the scatter tokens (at least three on the screen at any time) to create free spin mode. This activates an increased multiplier and other bonuses that add to your winnings. When this happens, the chickens in the factory go crazy, creating a mad atmosphere.

Our Take on EggOMatic Casino Video Slot
This game might seem like it’s a little too savagely weird for most people, but we found ourselves charmed by its quirkiness and the high quality of the presentation. As always, NetEnt produces work that you can trust and enjoy. Check it out at the link above or visit Mr. Green or BGO Casino to have a little egg-tastic fun!

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