Flowers Casino Slot Machine Review

Who doesn’t love flowers and their gorgeous style and nice scents? Yes, many tough guys may swear up and down that they can’t stand flowers, but we know the truth. Flowers are an interesting and fun item to use in decorations and design, and this online game (available at mrgreen and BGO Casino using a no deposit bonus) uses them to create a fun theme that is perfect for nature lovers everywhere.

Flowers Casino Slot Theme
The theme of this game is inherent right in the title: flower power! You’ll be surrounded by these gentle and lovely items right from the start. The game symbols are all various types of flowers, including double-flowers that create bonuses and free spins (more on that later). Even the multipliers will be flowers: everything is so floral in this game that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a greenhouse.

As always, NetEnt (the designers of Flowers) went all out with their presentation. Theme is everything with them, so they created 3D graphics, a gentle animation at the beginning of the game, and decorative barriers around the playing field. It’s hard to imagine a game that embraced flowers in a more comprehensive way than this one.

The soundtrack meets the gentle nature of the theme by creating a luscious and natural atmosphere. You’ll hear wind blowing through the trees, hear the gentle buzz of various bees, and soft music that celebrates a spring style in a fun and unique way. Things only get exciting when you start winning, as the music amps up in excitement.

Betting Options and Other Functions
In their typical fashion, NetEnt focused on consolidating their control options in easy-to-understand control concepts. For example, players simply have to click on Autoplay to set up an automatic rolling system that helps increase your chances of winning. They can also increase their bets, decrease them, or even click Maximum Bet to go big or go home.

Flowers Online Casino Video Slot Features
There are a few features that makes this game stand out from its competitors. The use of double symbols helps automatically boost your winnings. These occur sporadically throughout the game and can contain multiple symbols, giving you the chance to get as many as 10 total symbols on a win line. Imagine the huge increase in cash this would create!

There are also a variety of Wild flowers (we’re not apologizing: the pun was intended!) that complete lines for you. Even better is when you stack multiple wild symbols: this creates a free spin mode in which you can win up to 30 free spins with a 3x multiplier! Take advantage of this option by betting big every time, as your free spin bets will be locked at the bet with which you activated free mode.

Our Take on Flowers Internet Casino Game
If you feel like playing a gentle and relaxing slot machine game that won’t stress you out, try Flowers. Its gorgeous design and gentle atmosphere make it unique among slot machine games and one that’s more than worth checking out if you enjoy the fun of online gaming.

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