Mrgreen Donut Slot Game Review

Donuts; the most colourful, delicious and tasty sweets we can imagine! They come in all different fillings and tastes and that is also the reason why we can’t get enough of them. Thankfully, now it’s even possible to play with them in a crazy online slot machine: Donuts! This slot machine is almost too difficult to resist, thanks to the pretty and happy symbols that have been used. This slot machine, developed by Big Time Gaming has everything you need: bonus games, features, dynamic animations and surprisingly calm music on the background. We at Aquarelkunst are a big fan of this online casino game and in this review we would like to tell you everything about it!

Donut Casino Sot Theme
As we already mentioned, the theme of this slot machine is dedicated to the beloving donut and this is what you will see all the time. Don’t worry though, while playing this game you won’t be able to touch any of these calorie bombs! The music on the background is calm and relaxing at the same time, which really surprised us since donuts are so colourful. Big Time Gaming did a great job developing this game, because it really looks tasty to us. The colours are so brightful and the entire game looks very bubbly! Donuts has become one of the most popular games at online casinos like mrgreen. On the website of mrgreen you will see that they ranked the Donut Slot Machine game at a very position!

Donut Video Slot Features
The video slot features are interesting and fun to watch. The Donuts are the most valuable symbols and there are 4 different donuts in this game. The purple one with the sprinkles has the highest value, it pays out 15 times! Next to the high payouts, you will also find a nice bonus game where you can win a lot of money and free spins. We would rather win the money, but receiving more free spins is also very pleasing. On the website of mrgreen you will find free spins promotions which you can directly use at the Donut Slot Machine! The jukebox is representing the wild symbol and the golden donut is the scatter. Have you ever seen a golden donut before? It’s also possible to receive a mysterious donuts box that will contain a special gift during your play. Curious what’s in it?

Our Take On Donut Online Casio Game
The theme is very well made and looks really good. The tempting donuts are a big part of the game and that made us very happy. Donuts is a game which you could play for hours without even noticing. We have enjoyed playing this game, since the amount of payouts are very positive. Are you looking for a game which has the greatest theme, best bonus features and has a high payout rate? Consider playing the Donuts Slot Machine and you will be surprised! Don’t forget to activate your free spins at mrgreen before you start playing, the use of free spins can really increase your chance on winning!

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