The Fisticuffs Online Video Slot Review

Boxing has long been a popular sport, stretching as far back as the first time two drunk guys put up their fists. However, the earliest organized boxing experiences in the early 1900s were a gentleman’s affair that featured incredible hits in lengthy and sustained battles. Fisticuffs at Mr. Green and BGO Casino takes you back to that hallowed time to experience a slot machine experience unlike any other.

Fisticuffs Theme
Ding ding ding! The bell goes off and the match begins. On a five-reel and 10-line casino experience, you try to match up various boxing icons (including boxing portraits, gloves, and bells) to win. Get at least three symbols in a row to win, though five gets you the big cash.

The theme is explored in nice depth here, including a variety of graphical designs that are fun to check out. Players will really feel like they are at a boxing match as they watch the icons dance across the screen and when they activate the bonus feature (mentioned below) in which two boxers go at it and you have to help one succeed.

What is particularly fun about this game and its presentation is the sound. The cheer of the crowd will pump you up and keep you excited to play for extended periods. The sound of the bells, the thump of the gloves, and the grunt of the boxers all combine to create a period-piece boxing slot machine experience that can’t be beat.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Controlling your bets in this game is very simple. You have multiple betting options (all the way from 0.01 to 1.00) on 10 different lines. Maximize your chance of winning by always betting on all 10 lines. This pays off when you activate the bonus round and win a lot of money. Select single spin or Autoplay to create a continually recurring spin that will make it easy for you to step away and enjoy the rest of your day while the game plays for you.

Fisticuffs Features
Wild icons are represented by a heavy boxer wearing a fedora who appears only on reel three. He is the straight wild and can be used as a substitute for any symbol. The diagonal wild is a thinner boxer with a handlebar mustache. He will appear on reels two and four and can be used in the same was as the straight wild, but in angled matches.

The Bonus game is activated when the two wild cards meet up on the same spin. This creates a fun animation that is cool to watch. When one of the boxers wins, more wilds appear and there is a re-spin. To avoid endless re-spins, these wilds appear only on the first and fifth wheels. That said, they can still add up to big wins.

Our Take on Fisticuffs
Boxing is a pretty brutal sport, but Fisticuffs does a good job of presenting it in a rather light way. That’s why we think this game is fun for just about anybody. We’re particularly fond of the boxing bonus game that features multiple outcomes. Check this one out at the link above and get ready to rumble.

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