The Fruit Case Internet Casino Game

Fruit is one food that is not only good for you, but fun to eat. There’s a reason it’s been used in so many different casino games and Fruit Case, a NetEnt-designed game, shows off an even greater appreciation of the fruit. The symbols in this five-reel and three-line slot machine focus entirely on fruit and create a unique atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else.

Fruit Case Casino Slot Theme
Players aren’t just being immersed in the world of fruit in this game: they are actually looking to gather as much as possible and pack it away in a case to eat later. It’s a rather simple theme, not quite like the intricate sci-fi stories and adventure concepts NetEnt has used in the past. However, what matters here is not the simplicity of the theme but its execution.

And as always, NetEnt delivers. The delicious-looking fruit symbols roll past the screen quickly and look good enough to eat. Matching up at least three (and up to five) along one of the lines will help you cash out on real money. You’ll also see fruit jars, jams, multiplier options, and much more that will immerse you in a surprisingly intoxicating fruit-based atmosphere.

The sound is a particularly fun aspect of this game. You’ll get some upbeat music that keeps you excited to play and which matches the idea of fruit collection quite well. While you won’t be thrown into as rich of an adventure as some other NetEnt games, you’ll truly experience a fruit-based slot machine experience quite unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced at either Mr. Green or BGO Casino.

Betting Options and Other Functions
As is typical with NetEnt, control in this game is simple. Everything is handled by the mouse, allowing just about anybody to jump into the game without a struggle. Click on Bet Amount to increase or decrease it appropriately. You also need to click on Spin or Autoplay to take a chance on winning. It’s all very simple to understand and streamlined in an enjoyable way.

Fruit Case Casino Video Slot Features
What is interesting about Fruit Case is that it uses what is known as an Avalanche feature to create a nearly strategic approach to playing. What is Avalanche? It is a feature that causes the icons above a match to fall to take their place after a win. This might seem like a small detail, but it increases your winnings by creating new matches where none existed before.

The powerful nature of Avalanche is enhanced with each match, as the multiplier will increase every time an avalanche occurs. As a result, it is possible that a player could get up to an 8x multiplier. By stringing together massive combos, players can truly cash out in a big way.

Our Take on Fruit Case Online Casino Game
We can imagine some players passing this one by because it lacks a real eye-catching theme, but the Avalanche feature and the typical high-quality NetEnt design shouldn’t be ignored. Try this one out at the link above. You might be surprised at how much fun it is to match up fruit.

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