Mrgreen Donut Slot Game Review

Donuts; the most colourful, delicious and tasty sweets we can imagine! They come in all different fillings and tastes and that is also the reason why we can’t get enough of them. Thankfully, now it’s even possible to play with them in a crazy online slot machine: Donuts! This slot machine is almost too difficult to resist, thanks to the pretty and happy symbols that have been used. This slot machine, developed by Big Time Gaming has everything you need: bonus games, features, dynamic animations and surprisingly calm music on the background. We at Aquarelkunst are a big fan of this online casino game and in this review we would like to tell you everything about it!

Donut Casino Sot Theme
As we already mentioned, the theme of this slot machine is dedicated to the beloving donut and this is what you will see all the time. Don’t worry though, while playing this game you won’t be able to touch any of these calorie bombs! The music on the background is calm and relaxing at the same time, which really surprised us since donuts are so colourful. Big Time Gaming did a great job developing this game, because it really looks tasty to us. The colours are so brightful and all the casino games look very bubbly! Donuts has become one of the most popular games at online casinos like mr green. On the website of mrgreen you will see that they ranked the Donut Slot Machine game at a very position!

Donut Video Slot Features
The video slot features are interesting and fun to watch. The Donuts are the most valuable symbols and there are 4 different donuts in this game. The purple one with the sprinkles has the highest value, it pays out 15 times! Next to the high payouts, you will also find a nice bonus game where you can win a lot of money and free spins. We would rather win the money, but receiving more free spins is also very pleasing. On the website of mrgreen you will find free spins promotions which you can directly use at the Donut Slot Machine! The jukebox is representing the wild symbol and the golden donut is the scatter. Have you ever seen a golden donut before? It’s also possible to receive a mysterious donuts box that will contain a special gift during your play. Curious what’s in it?

Our Take On Donut Online Casio Game
The theme is very well made and looks really good. The tempting donuts are a big part of the game and that made us very happy. Donuts is a game which you could play for hours without even noticing. We have enjoyed playing this game, since the amount of payouts are very positive. Are you looking for a game which has the greatest theme, best bonus features and has a high payout rate? Consider playing the Donuts Slot Machine and you will be surprised! Don’t forget to activate your free spins at mrgreen before you start playing, the use of free spins can really increase your chance on winning!

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Flowers Casino Slot Machine Review

Who doesn’t love flowers and their gorgeous style and nice scents? Yes, many tough guys may swear up and down that they can’t stand flowers, but we know the truth. Flowers are an interesting and fun item to use in decorations and design, and this online game (available at mrgreen and BGO Casino using a no deposit bonus) uses them to create a fun theme that is perfect for nature lovers everywhere.

Flowers Casino Slot Theme
The theme of this game is inherent right in the title: flower power! You’ll be surrounded by these gentle and lovely items right from the start. The game symbols are all various types of flowers, including double-flowers that create bonuses and free spins (more on that later). Even the multipliers will be flowers: everything is so floral in this game that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a greenhouse.

As always, NetEnt (the designers of Flowers) went all out with their presentation. Theme is everything with them, so they created 3D graphics, a gentle animation at the beginning of the game, and decorative barriers around the playing field. It’s hard to imagine a game that embraced flowers in a more comprehensive way than this one.

The soundtrack meets the gentle nature of the theme by creating a luscious and natural atmosphere. You’ll hear wind blowing through the trees, hear the gentle buzz of various bees, and soft music that celebrates a spring style in a fun and unique way. Things only get exciting when you start winning, as the music amps up in excitement.

Betting Options and Other Functions
In their typical fashion, NetEnt focused on consolidating their control options in easy-to-understand control concepts. For example, players simply have to click on Autoplay to set up an automatic rolling system that helps increase your chances of winning. They can also increase their bets, decrease them, or even click Maximum Bet to go big or go home.

Flowers Online Casino Video Slot Features
There are a few features that makes this game stand out from its competitors. The use of double symbols helps automatically boost your winnings. These occur sporadically throughout the game and can contain multiple symbols, giving you the chance to get as many as 10 total symbols on a win line. Imagine the huge increase in cash this would create!

There are also a variety of Wild flowers (we’re not apologizing: the pun was intended!) that complete lines for you. Even better is when you stack multiple wild symbols: this creates a free spin mode in which you can win up to 30 free spins with a 3x multiplier! Take advantage of this option by betting big every time, as your free spin bets will be locked at the bet with which you activated free mode.

Our Take on Flowers Internet Casino Game
If you feel like playing a gentle and relaxing slot machine game that won’t stress you out, try Flowers. Its gorgeous design and gentle atmosphere make it unique among slot machine games and one that’s more than worth checking out if you enjoy the fun of online gaming.

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The Fisticuffs Online Video Slot Review

Boxing has long been a popular sport, stretching as far back as the first time two drunk guys put up their fists. However, the earliest organized boxing experiences in the early 1900s were a gentleman’s affair that featured incredible hits in lengthy and sustained battles. Fisticuffs at Mr. Green and BGO Casino takes you back to that hallowed time to experience a slot machine experience unlike any other.

Fisticuffs Theme
Ding ding ding! The bell goes off and the match begins. On a five-reel and 10-line casino experience, you try to match up various boxing icons (including boxing portraits, gloves, and bells) to win. Get at least three symbols in a row to win, though five gets you the big cash.

The theme is explored in nice depth here, including a variety of graphical designs that are fun to check out. Players will really feel like they are at a boxing match as they watch the icons dance across the screen and when they activate the bonus feature (mentioned below) in which two boxers go at it and you have to help one succeed.

What is particularly fun about this game and its presentation is the sound. The cheer of the crowd will pump you up and keep you excited to play for extended periods. The sound of the bells, the thump of the gloves, and the grunt of the boxers all combine to create a period-piece boxing slot machine experience that can’t be beat.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Controlling your bets in this game is very simple. You have multiple betting options (all the way from 0.01 to 1.00) on 10 different lines. Maximize your chance of winning by always betting on all 10 lines. This pays off when you activate the bonus round and win a lot of money. Select single spin or Autoplay to create a continually recurring spin that will make it easy for you to step away and enjoy the rest of your day while the game plays for you.

Fisticuffs Features
Wild icons are represented by a heavy boxer wearing a fedora who appears only on reel three. He is the straight wild and can be used as a substitute for any symbol. The diagonal wild is a thinner boxer with a handlebar mustache. He will appear on reels two and four and can be used in the same was as the straight wild, but in angled matches.

The Bonus game is activated when the two wild cards meet up on the same spin. This creates a fun animation that is cool to watch. When one of the boxers wins, more wilds appear and there is a re-spin. To avoid endless re-spins, these wilds appear only on the first and fifth wheels. That said, they can still add up to big wins.

Our Take on Fisticuffs
Boxing is a pretty brutal sport, but Fisticuffs does a good job of presenting it in a rather light way. That’s why we think this game is fun for just about anybody. We’re particularly fond of the boxing bonus game that features multiple outcomes. Check this one out at the link above and get ready to rumble.

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The Fruit Case Internet Casino Game

Fruit is one food that is not only good for you, but fun to eat. There’s a reason it’s been used in so many different casino games and Fruit Case, a NetEnt-designed game, shows off an even greater appreciation of the fruit. The symbols in this five-reel and three-line slot machine focus entirely on fruit and create a unique atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else.

Fruit Case Casino Slot Theme
Players aren’t just being immersed in the world of fruit in this game: they are actually looking to gather as much as possible and pack it away in a case to eat later. It’s a rather simple theme, not quite like the intricate sci-fi stories and adventure concepts NetEnt has used in the past. However, what matters here is not the simplicity of the theme but its execution.

And as always, NetEnt delivers. The delicious-looking fruit symbols roll past the screen quickly and look good enough to eat. Matching up at least three (and up to five) along one of the lines will help you cash out on real money. You’ll also see fruit jars, jams, multiplier options, and much more that will immerse you in a surprisingly intoxicating fruit-based atmosphere.

The sound is a particularly fun aspect of this game. You’ll get some upbeat music that keeps you excited to play and which matches the idea of fruit collection quite well. While you won’t be thrown into as rich of an adventure as some other NetEnt games, you’ll truly experience a fruit-based slot machine experience quite unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced at either Mr. Green or BGO Casino.

Betting Options and Other Functions
As is typical with NetEnt, control in this game is simple. Everything is handled by the mouse, allowing just about anybody to jump into the game without a struggle. Click on Bet Amount to increase or decrease it appropriately. You also need to click on Spin or Autoplay to take a chance on winning. It’s all very simple to understand and streamlined in an enjoyable way.

Fruit Case Casino Video Slot Features
What is interesting about Fruit Case is that it uses what is known as an Avalanche feature to create a nearly strategic approach to playing. What is Avalanche? It is a feature that causes the icons above a match to fall to take their place after a win. This might seem like a small detail, but it increases your winnings by creating new matches where none existed before.

The powerful nature of Avalanche is enhanced with each match, as the multiplier will increase every time an avalanche occurs. As a result, it is possible that a player could get up to an 8x multiplier. By stringing together massive combos, players can truly cash out in a big way.

Our Take on Fruit Case Online Casino Game
We can imagine some players passing this one by because it lacks a real eye-catching theme, but the Avalanche feature and the typical high-quality NetEnt design shouldn’t be ignored. Try this one out at the link above. You might be surprised at how much fun it is to match up fruit.

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EggOMatic Casino Slot Game Review

NetEnt is a high-quality gaming company that sometimes creates games that are a little…well, let’s just say unique. That doesn’t mean they’re not fun, but they sure do show off a great imagination! Take EggOMatic as an example. This five-reel, three-row and 20-line slot machine (available at Mr. Green and BGO Casino) has a rather bizarre theme and presentation centered around robotic chickens and the production of eggs. WHAT?! I remember the day this game came out as it was the exact same day as website oanda was renewed.

EggOMatic Casino Slot Theme
Yes that’s right: robotic chickens and an egg factory. In this game, the production of eggs in the factory is way down and you are taxed with getting it back up to speed. To deal with the problem, a machine called the EggOMatic is invented. It is designed to get the eggs into the right order and serves as your slot machine experience. Wow! Talk about strange…thank goodness it sure is a lot of fun.

What makes this game fun is that it totally embraces the goofy atmosphere created by the theme. It goes all out to make you feel like you’re in a robotic egg factory and are working on an assembly line to ensure that eggs get sorted properly. You’ll see strange robotic chickens bucking away, hear the grinding of the factory, and watch cute little chicks get hatched.

The music is appropriately goofy, but not to the point where you’re going to get sick of playing it. It simply has a light touch of silliness that actually enhances the catchiness of the themes and makes the soundtrack very memorable.

Betting Options and Other Functions
NetEnt’s approach to betting never changes much, which is good because it lets players move from one game to the next without getting confused. They can change the quality of their bet, increase the number of lines on which they can bet, set up autoplay, and more. With 10 different betting levels, it’s easy to create a fun and diverse experience with this game.

EggOMatic Casino Game Features
Matching up various robotic chickens and eggs will let you win big bucks (pun totally intended). Try to match at least three along a single line, through you can match four and even five. There is also a wild looking Wild rooster that you can use to complete lines that need a little help. This guy can be used in more than one line, making him a powerful icon to roll.

Match up the scatter tokens (at least three on the screen at any time) to create free spin mode. This activates an increased multiplier and other bonuses that add to your winnings. When this happens, the chickens in the factory go crazy, creating a mad atmosphere.

Our Take on EggOMatic Casino Video Slot
This game might seem like it’s a little too savagely weird for most people, but we found ourselves charmed by its quirkiness and the high quality of the presentation. As always, NetEnt produces work that you can trust and enjoy. Check it out at the link above or visit Mr. Green or BGO Casino to have a little egg-tastic fun!

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